By the time the meeting ended, he was feeling stressed with the constant pressure of concentrating on the presentation.  Walking to his office, he asked his secretary to order for a burger and a bottle of coke.

Finishing the daily chores had left her exhausted.  She opened her refrigerator and reached out for the ice cream tub inside.  Settling in front of the television, she put her feet up and dug into the chocolate laden feast.

After tossing and turning for close to an hour, he finally got out of bed and headed to the kitchen.  Sitting on the dining table, he helped himself to a large piece of pie and washed it down with a glass of milk. 

As she completed her rather large meal, she could not help getting tempted by the dessert served on the next table.  Promising herself that this was the last time, she ordered the same for herself.

Do the above scenarios sound familiar?  Do you find yourself eating more than required?  Do you reach out for food whenever your emotions play up?  If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘Yes’, then you are over eating.  But, take heart – there are foods that will help you curb your excessive eating habits.  To know more, read on.

Green Tea anyone?  

According to results from a study at the Florida University, the more the belly fat, the harder it is to control one’s appetite.  There is good news though; belly fat can be reduced with the help of green tea.  Catechins, found in green tea trigger the fat cells into releasing fat.  It also helps the liver to convert this fat into energy.  However, in order to derive the maximum benefit from green tea, it is important to let it seep in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.  Three-four cups of green tea every day will help you keep your appetite under control.

Like coffee? Try Skimmed Cappuccino

Trick your brain into believing that the stomach is full by drinking a cup of skim cappuccino instead of your regular latte.  The air injected foam makes you feel satiated and thus effectively reduces your cravings and your appetite.

Hummus makes it happen

An Arabic word for ‘chickpeas’, this popular Levantine and Egyptian food dip is called ‘hummus bi tahina’ in Arabic.  Made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt, lemon juice and olive oil, the best way to eat this delectable fare, is with fiber rich vegetables like carrots, jicama, celery and snap peas.  Legumes have the capacity not just to make you feel fuller, but are also power houses packed with proteins.  Make a bowl of hummus and keep it in the refrigerator – reach for it along with some sprigs of celery the next time you feel like a little snack.

Avocado delights

A food that is rich in fats and considered fattening by many – is this list the right place for the Avocado?  Avocados are one of the most misunderstood foods.  Loaded with healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids, potassium and fiber; avocados help your body to produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.  Avocados help you lose weight, lower your triglyceride and cholesterol levels and are one of the best sources of healthy fat.  Just half a fresh avocado can decrease your desire for food for hours.

A cup of Greek Yogurt

Anxiety, depression, irritability – these are some of the reasons why we reach out for more food.  One of the easier ways to uplift yourself is through the intake of calcium.  Calcium makes your brain release feel good neurotransmitters, thus changing your mood and the need to snack.  Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein; in fact it contains more calcium and protein than milk and regular yogurt.  Add some strawberries to your cup of Greek yogurt and you are good to go till your next meal.

Pop the corn to pop your hunger

The best way to fall asleep is by relaxing your body and mind.  Unfortunately, one of the old remedies for a good night’s sleep may actually be making it worse for us.  Warm milk actually boosts your system making you more alert.  A bowl of air popped popcorn however, will do the trick.  Carbohydrates in the corn, induces the release of serotonin – a neurochemical responsible for making you feel relaxed.  Just remember to leave the butter alone, as fat slows the creation of serotonin.

Help bad bacteria go bananas

An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, but a banana a day will certainly keep the bad bacteria in your gut at bay.  Serotonin, the hormone responsible to make us feel good, is located in our belly and researchers feel that unbalanced microbes in the gut hamper their production.  This in turn leads to mood imbalances, which in turn leads to overeating.  Bananas contain the highest levels of resistant starch as compared to any other fruit and they are a big help in balancing the bacteria in our gut.  Add to that their availability all through the year and their low price – and you have the best snacking food in your bag.

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