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Month: March 2017

American Diabetes Association Alert Day

National American Diabetes Association Alert Day is observed on the fourth Tuesday of March, every year and falls this year on March 28, 2017.  This day is observed as a one-day “wake-up call” to inform the American public about the seriousness of diabetes and encourage them to undergo the diabetes risk test and learn about their family’s history of diabetes. What is Diabetes? For our body to produce energy, most of the food we eat is turned into glucose or sugar.  The pancreas produce a hormone called insulin to help absorb this glucose by the cells.  In a diabetic...

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National Kidney Month

March is National Kidney Month. 26 Million American adults have Kidney Disease, but most don’t even know it. High blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure and being over 60 are major risk factors for developing kidney disease. Take a look at below facts of Kidney Disease and share kidney health...

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